About Us

Stretching our imagination through art and creative writing can take us all on a wonderful journey .

Who We Are ?

Here at wet herring publishing we strive to make our books the best written and the best illustrated You will find.

How do we do it?

Well its a team effort and like all great teams we have a great team leader but even Ian admits that with out the help from Professor Benz, Pinky, and Wayne who makes a great cup of tea and all of the other back ground staff.

Our books and art would simply not get to the most important person 'YOU'. So where ever you live in the world always remember that we are working day and night some times at weekends as well. To get that book to you. Blasket Bound is our first great success but even now stories are being written new characters are being developed and Wayne's kettle is always on.

Meet The Team

We all work closely together.